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This is the place to come if you are an Affiliate looking for helpful content to share out to your community!

Some ideas on how to use the video collection: share out the video link on social media or in an email, embed the video in your website ("What Is Eatology" is a great video to keep on your website), or post on your blog or facebook group.

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What Is Eatology

Find out what Eatology is all about!

Get the scoop on the menu, meals, shipping and delivery, results and testimonials...and what Eatology can do for you!



How To Block Paleo Foods

 Watch and learn as the Eatology crew teaches Zone! 

 They will give you visual examples of what 1 Block of Protein/Carb/Fat look like...making it much easier to apply the Zone!



Nutrition Seminar 101: What Is Zone

Get the "big picture" when it comes to Zoning! 

This video covers, paleo/non-paleo foods, zone portions, blockcharts, building meals, and tips for success.



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Tips for getting results with eatology

Need some pointers on how to get the most out of your nutrition? Eatology breaks it down for you:

  • What to eat for meals & snacks
  • How often to eat
  • How many Blocks do you need



What is paleo?

In a nutshell, find out how to figure out which foods are Paleo and which are not:

  • What is Paleo
  • Paleo Food List
  • What to eat and not to eat


What is zone?

Never know how much food to eat? Are you always hungry? Have your results plateaued? Dial in your nutrition:

  • What is Zone
  • Get Blockcharts- "portion-control cheat sheets"
  • How to eat ANY food without gaining bad bodyfat
  • Get results EVERY 3-4 days




Putting it all together: paleo-zone "Blockchart"

Make Paleo-Zone easy with this quick reference food list that is already Blocked out for you!

What to do when you don't know meal macros

  • What is a Block
  • Get Blockcharts- "portion-control cheat sheets"
  • How to build a meal or snack



Putting it all together: paleo-zone "rule of thumb"

Find out some general rules to keep in mind when you are in a bind! 

  • How to apply Paleo and Zone
  • What to do when you don't know meal macros
  • How to build a meal or snack




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How To Add Eatology Coupon Codes To Affiliate Resources

This video will show you how to add affiliate custom coupon codes to Eatology marketing materials so you can brand our shareables with your code.