"Paleo-it-Forward" To Cure Obesity


In August 2010, Eatology Paleo-Zone pioneered the prepared meal frenzy as the first Paleo-Zone delivery service and, shortly after, became the first company to ship nationwide. It all started from a small kitchen studio located right here in Bryan, Texas. When you visit their online store (www.Eatology.co) you might be surprised at everything they offer on their menu: Moussaka, Pepperoni Pizza, Chili Cheese Fries and some perks like the following:

  • Offers Nationwide Shipping
  • A Weekly Changing Menu
  • “Reconstructed” Paleo-Zone Meal Combinations
  • Results Delivered Faster (average of 5–7lbs of fat loss in 1-week)

But what you might not find out online, you might find out when you go to the store and get to chatting with the team. They might tell you about the company goal (and the unique and contradictory philosophy of teaching the tricks of the trade) that is behind this aggie-owned company:

“I believe it is our right, as humans, to know how to feed ourselves. We don’t just want to provide convenient meals for people, we want to TEACH them how to do it on their own. Eatology is on a mission to cure obesity through education and it begins here at home base!”
-Laurah Lawson, CEO/Founder

This has been a lifelong vision for Lawson and the company is ready to start tackling the task now! What this means for us in BCS is an oppurtunity to take advantge of these resources. This summer, their team will be teaching nutrition seminars on paleo vs non-paleo foods, portion control, reading labels, clean cooking, and how to eat out at restaurants. Plus, you get to experience a menu sampling and an Eatology meal!

And all of this is provided at no cost! It is given away as open knowledge for all…as an earned right in this world! If you are a local business, group, school or gym…contact Laurah Lawson and make sure to get on their calendar before it fills up.

Send an email with subject line:

“Paleo-It-Forward” to Laurah@Eatology.co

  • Indicate your name, phone, email
  • Your company/group, address, estimated number of guests, and 3 dates/times that are open

You will be contacted within 1–2 business days by Laurah to confirm details.


Party Paleo with Wine


When enjoying adult beverages, the Rule Of Thumb to minimize the Ass Fat is to add 1oz of protein (1Block) to each 1 glass of wine.

However...I found a great hack! Most "light" wines will sacrifice both alcohol and flavor...but not FitVine Wine. They did some fancy mojo to make sure it stays enjoyable all around!

This wine can be Zoned differently--> for 1Block of carb you can have 1.5 glasses of white wine...and get this...2.5 glasses of red wine...without cutting alcohol or flavor. Eatology has a great dinner pairing to go with it! Ask me!

Check them out http://www.fitvinewine.com/

Source: http://www.fitvinewine.com/