Tried another Paleo company?  We're interested to get your feedback!  Fill out the fields below and contribute to the data you see.  Positive Feedback and Constructive Criticism is greatly needed, submit a review and we'll give you a coupon for free shipping on your next order, even if you don't prefer us :)  (This should be created automatically and emailed to them when they submit a review)

Go ahead and read real reviews of our product versus our competitor, but if you just want a quick overview,  then know that unlike some of our competitors we are the ONLY company that implements appropriate (or any) portion control (the zone) with a  a true Paleo style of eating (no grains or starches like My Fit Foods) & offers the cheapest shipping rates you can find.  There are no bags of food to boil or fresh food to eat before it wastes, all of our meals are prepackaged  with everything you need in one place that is microwave and oven safe for a convenient, tasty meal option that provides the fuel your body needs.

(I want this page to contain two graphs.  The data will be collected through a form and analyzed to produce two different graphs.  All of the fields on the page will be preset rating fields for different categories of analyzing their food experience from us vs the other guys.  The graphs will pull the data and assemble it automatically.   

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(choose from dropdown list or enter new company) (when new company is added it needs to be added to the second spreadsheet (graph) that has the breakdown of all of the companies that have been reviewed.  The only metric on this spreadsheet will be total likes for Eatology vs total companies that are available & their respective # of likes )(So this field would only add data to the spreadsheet if the company is not already listed as one of the available companies)(The second thing this field would do is auto add the new company to the list of companies on the dropdown that is first available for this field)

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