What is Paleo-zone?

Eatology Paleo-Zone has backed the clean, whole food movement from the beginning by taking meals that are not typically considered healthy and "reconstructing" them into a Paleo-Zone version. We combine the clean eating philosophy of Paleo with the balance of the Zone. 

What is Paleo?

"Paleo is a ""back-to-basics"" way of eating...it preaches the use of clean, whole ingredients...like the foods our ancestors use to eat.  This idea is achieved through eating foods you could pick, catch, and gather while walking through the land...such as fresh fruits and vegetables, meaty proteins, and natural fats.

Paleo excludes specific foods such as grains, potatoes, corn, refined sugars, processed oils and starches.  Simply put, if you can't hunt it or gather it in the wild, then you probably shouldn't eat it. "


What is Zone?

The Zone is a science-based portion-control method. It uses the glycemic index to determine a ratio of Protein/Carbohydrate/Fat to balance insulin levels. This results in hormonal control and reduced inflammation, which is why it is ideal for treating and rehabilitating cancer and diabetic patients.

What is Primal?

Primal is another branch of Paleo and is a bit less restrictive in approved foods. An example of Primal foods: higher glycemic carbs (banana, sweet potato, dried fruit etc) most dairy (cheese, yogurt, milk etc), cacao, honey, fruit juice and even some alcohol. 




Are you gluten free?


How much sodium is in your meals?

We do not add excessive sodium to our meals. We use herbs and spices to season instead.


We do not use any form of processed or added sugar. We only use a very minimal amount of natural sweeteners like honey, maple, fruits etc

What abouT food allergieS?

Submit a custom menu.

You can select the exact meals you prefer by referring to the ingredients list for each meal located on the menu.  

*If you have numerous allergies, please check the menu before you order.

Can I select My own menu?

Yes. Our menu is customizable. You may select your own meals or we can select for you.

How many calories per meal?

2-Block Meal: 155-175 calories / 3-Block Meal: 230-250 calories

How long do the meals last in the freezer?


How long do the meals last thawed?

3-4 days. We don't recommended thawing the meals unless you plan to eat them within 24-hours.


What are the heating instructions?

Microwave Friendly / Oven Ready Containers


Microwave: Remove both lids from the microwave-friendly aluminum container. Place the container in the middle of the microwave without a cover. **Remove both lids before microwaving**

  • Thawed: Heat 2-3 minutes (defrost mode for best results). Stir. Heat as needed.
  • Frozen: Heat 6-8 minutes (defrost mode for best results). Stir. Heat 8-10 minutes as needed.

Oven: Place the container in the middle of the oven with lid intact but vented at corners. Bake at 350F.

  • Thawed: Heat 15-20 minutes. Stir. Heat as needed.
  • Frozen: Heat for 45 minutes. Stir. Heat as needed.

What is the difference between 2b & 3b?

2B vs 3B (1).png

The Zone provides us with serving sizes, known as Blocks.

1-Block Meal (1 serving) of food contains:


  • 7 grams of Protein
  • 9 grams of Carbs
  • 1.5 grams of Fat

From here, a meal size maintains this ratio by increasing proportionately.

Typically, most females will double this with a 2-Block meal (2B) and men will triple it with a 3-Block meal (3B).

2-Block Meal: 175 calories

  • 14 grams of Protein
  • 18 grams of Carbs
  • 3 grams of Fat

3-Block Meal: 232 calories

  • 21 grams of Protein
  • 27 grams of Carbs
  • 4.5 grams of Fat




does the pricing for our meals differ from meal to meal? 

No! All 2B meals are $10.50 and all 3B are $12.75. You can get a deal by signing up for our reoccurring program or ordering in bulk!

If I order a "Month+" Package, do the meals ship all at once? 

Typically, we ship month orders each week...not all at once.

Can I "pause" my shipments?

If you need to request a "hold" on your order...email Operations@Eatology.co  

Can I just walk in if I'm local?


4337 Wellborn Rd (Villa Maria side) ~ Bryan, Tx

  • Mon/Wed : 9am-5pm
  • Tue/Thurs : 10am-6pm
  • Fri : 9am-12pm


How do the meal packages work? Do I have to subscribe?

No, but if you do...

Recurring Packages: 
-Save 20% Off Week/Month Orders
-No Contract
-Holds/Pauses (when needed)


What days do you ship?

Monday-Friday (per the UPS Shipping Schedule: see map below)

For freshness, your order will be shipped on the first available shipping day to your area without having to sit over the weekend at a shipping terminal.



Customer service

How do I plan for snacks?

Keep in mind that you need to be "refueling" your body every 3-4 hours with clean, balanced meals/snacks for optimal results. For those snacks (or meals) in between Eatology meals, we have provided a resource for you to learn to build your snacks with. If you need assistance with snack ideas, portions etc... text/call us: (657) 777-2536  

You can also find help with this at Crossfit Journal 21 by googling it or click on the link below to take you there! 

Crossfit Journal 21

Do You have an affiliate program?

Yes! Click Here

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! Click Here


Ship or Pick-Up.png

Local Pick Up: 

Local Pick-up is available at our kitchen studio in Bryan/College Station, Texas. We're located at 4337 Wellborn Rd (Villa Maria side) in Bryan.

After you place your order online, you can stop by anytime during our hours of operation to pick up your meals. Once you arrive, please come on in, and an Eatologist will be happy to assist you. Your order will be packed and ready in a reusable bag. 



Nationwide Shipping: 

Every 15 meals is $25.00 ( an additional $5.00 charge for the following states -CA, ID, ME, MT, NY, OR, WA-)

UPS Delivery Schedule

We try our best to get orders out as fast as possible! However, please note that your order may not be shipped on the same day that you order it depending on the UPS shipping schedule (map shown below).  If an order is placed that will not deliver BEFORE OR ON Saturday of the same week, the order will be shipped on that following Monday. If an order is placed on a Saturday/Sunday, orders will be shipped out that following Monday. No orders are shipped out on weekends. If you are expecting a shipment and haven't received it, please reference your tracking number, contact your local UPS, or contact us! 


The map indicates the expected delivery day of the UPS delivery schedule:


If shipped Monday:         

  • RED: Friday delivery
  • GREEN: Thursday delivery
  • ORANGE: Wednesday delivery
  • YELLOW: Tuesday delivery

If shipped Tuesday:

  • GREEN: Friday delivery
  • ORANGE: Thursday delivery
  • YELLOW: Wednesday delivery

If shipped Wednesday:

  • ORANGE: Friday delivery
  • YELLOW: Thursday delivery

If shipped Thursday:

  • YELLOW: Friday delivery