Can I select which meals I get?

Yes- During online checkout, you will be given 2 options:

  • "Custom Menu"- select your own meals
  • "Chef's Selection"- let us select your meals for you

How do the “Custom Menu” meals work?

  • Submit your menu by Sunday at 12pm cst each week
  • We will match your submitted menu up with your order
  • Unless we recieve a menu from you, we will not ship your order
  • You can choose any meal combination of Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • If we are out of something you selected, we will substitute it by doubling up on another meal you selected

How do the “Chef Selection” meals work?

  • We choose your meals for you based around your food allegies/restrictions noted during checkout
  • You can choose your preferred meal combination of Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

When do I select which meals I get?

  • If you are placing a new order online, you will select your meals after you have completed checkout.
  • If you are a returning recurring client with an active account, you will need to select your meals by Sunday each week.
  • If you are placing an order in person, you can select your meals at that time.

How do I select which meals I get?

How often does the menu change?

  • Our menu changes weekly with a wide variety of meals.
  • We add new items throughout the week with the largest selection at 5pm on Friday's.