Eatology Mission

We often become consumed with perfecting some part of ourselves hoping to achieve the most ideal version of ourselves, and seeking perfection is by no means a negative pursuit. Most people have a negative view of the pursuit of perfection for it seems to them to be superficial, but, it is actually incredibly positive to desire perfection in the proper context. We only become superficial in pursuing perfection if we are merely seeking to perfect our bodies and external appearance, but it is admirable to strive to perfect our mind and our soul. We should be relentless in striving for perfection because, although we may never become perfect in our lifetime, we will be closer to perfection than would have been if we had never tried at all.                                     We often lose sight of the fact that we are comprised of not just a body, but a soul which is comprised of a rational mind and an intellect, and we should strive to perfect all these aspects of ourselves. We cannot merely exercise every day and religiously eat healthy, and expect to be a fulfilled person. On the other hand, we cannot spend all of our time reading philosophical texts to expand our mind, and expect to be a fulfilled person.                                

We are created by God with different elements to our being, and we must strive to perfect all of them, and that is the reason I promote Eatology Paleo-Zone. Eatology’s goal is the perfection of the entire being of the human person. Yes, food is for our bodies and Eatology serves food, and so your first impression might be that Eatology cannot possibly strive to improve our entire being, but that is not the case. The mission of Eatology is to perfect our entire being by starting with perfecting our bodily health through the means of food. This company believes that the pursuit of perfecting our entire being is aided by perfecting our physical health. In fact, it is quite difficult to perfect any single aspect of ourselves unless we are striving to perfect every aspect of ourselves, which is the reason good health is so crucial.                                     
    Our body and soul all function smoothly and gracefully together, each depending on the other to thrive and to flourish. These aspects of our being are interconnected and intertwined so that they cannot stand alone, and so that together, they are a complete and single entity, which we call a human. Eatology sets out to nourish this entire entity.                                 
    Think about it, how difficult it is to focus on anything or exert yourself intellectually when you feel famished or when you feel horrible from something unhealthy you ate? Our ability to think rationally and intellectually is part of our soul. This scenario wonderfully illustrates how a certain aspect of our being depends on another to function to its greatest capacity. It is more difficult for our mind to perform at a higher level when our bodies are not functioning well. It is almost futile to focus on our work when we feel physically awful.                                     

The meals created by Eatology Paleo-Zone are intended to truly make you feel physically better so that you can excel in improving the other parts of yourself, the difference between Eatology and other suppliers of healthy food is that Eatology creates its food with this intention from the beginning. This company’s original intention was not to create food merely for the improvement of the body, but to perfect people in their entirety as complex, multipart persons.


By Travis Phillips