Our Nutrition Seminars Will Make Eating...Easier!


Our seminars will teach you how to apply our principles to your life and how to live clean with AND without Eatology meals.

 We discuss building meals, grocery shopping, cooking, nutrition labels, eating out & happy hour. You'll learn about clean eating and how to combine foods to get the results you want. We offer classes both in-house at the Eatology Kitchen Studio, on-site for your event and streamed online in realtime. 

During the seminar, you can experience our dishes as we serve up our favorites from the menu. Not close by? We can ship samples of our menu to help share the Eatology experience! 


Nutrition Seminars Include:

1.) Paleo vs. non-Paleo: Food Quality, Eating for Goals

2.) Zone Living: Portions & Quantities

3.) Cooking in the Kitchen: Convert Recipes & Labels, Label Method

4.) Restaurants & Happy Hour: Dining out, Menus, Happy Hour


Host A Nutrition Seminar In Your Area or Online! We can fit every need your community might have.  

  • Corporate Events
  • Schools & Organizations
  • CrossFits & Gyms
  • Small, Group Gatherings 

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