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"Today is an example of the incredible difference in how I feel after just 2 weeks of giving up diet soda's.  Spent the better part of the day planting water lilies in the two ponds in front of my house.  For starters I had energy and the want to that had been missing for so long.  Even my back held up (had triple lamenectomy  2 months ago) and that was after slogging in mud up to my knees while planting.  Heck I then caught up with my brother in law and we loaded the kayaks and drove to another lake on the ranch for a little sunset/night  fly fishing.  I am tired at the end of the day but feel great with no pain to speak of.  Two weeks ago I could not walk 20 yards with out horrible pain.  The most exciting part is that I look forward to enjoying my passions in life again and that is priceless."

Parten Wakefield

"Everything has been great as always! I've been traveling a lot lately and it's nice to come home and not have to do as much and still have a good meal. Just got back from Portland where food is king and your meals are as awesome as anything they have there."

-Evan Cowan

As a 22+ year military veteran who travels all too much, I have a constant decision to make about eating clean or eating whatever I can find at odd hours of the day and night. Having been an avid CrossFitter for years now, Paleo has always been something I fiddled with during a Box challenge or when I was gearing up for a competition or the open. Once it was done, I was too! Too much cooking, too much shopping, and too much excuse making.

Because I needed a change, I started doing meal prep, but as usual, too many excuses so I went to having meals delivered. I had tried most meal prep services in my home area, as well as some big name endorsed Paleo sites, but all their food looked like it belonged in my dogs bowl, and not in mine. Being what it was I just sucked it up, accumulating excess food because it looked and sometimes tasted inedible.  

During a trip to Texas for work, I decided to make a smart choice in my food for my trip. I looked around at local Paleo meal preps and came across Eatology. After a short correspondence with Laurah, I was highly impressed. An actual person really took the time to see what I needed, and spent the time calculating out shipping times to make sure my food got the hotel the day I needed it! I mean who does that???

When the food arrived, it was packaged so professionally, I was in shock. When I tasted my first meal, I was hooked. It looked like food, tasted like food, and actually filled me up! It was the best meal prep food I had ever had and better than I could have made!


If you are looking for a quality company, who looks to fuel you up right, care for your concerns and stand by their product, look no further!

-Daniel Ratner


"I would be remiss if I didn’t thank you for your help and for the product your company provided. It far exceeded my expectations. The hours we worked during this exercise were a bit longer than normal and we automatically missed breakfast and dinner at the hotel and lunch would have been whatever we could muster up....all unhealthy. I had peace of mind knowing that I always had a healthy meal available three times a day and it was as easy as popping it in the microwave. Convenience aside, I was also impressed with each and every meal your company sent; there wasn’t a bad meal in the lot! We have a 5 week exercise in October and November and rest assured that you will hear from me. Again thanks…..I appreciate it."

-Larry Newman


"Being active duty Army, I work long, unpredictable hours. As a result, I rarely find the energy to cook or do any meal prep. After 3 weeks of orders, Eatology has been my hero! Everything is portioned perfectly for me, so that I feel full, but not bloated. And I still have plenty of energy to do physical training and crossfit. Being able to customize my menu makes me feel like I still have control over what I eat, and I have not had one meal that I haven't found delicious!"

- KAY Ko


"After 24 hours on the program, I have lost 3lbs and I have a noticeable increase in energy."

-Clint, Day 2

"I can't believe it, I started 2 weeks ago and was 204 then I weighed myself today and I have lost 19 pounds since I started and I am now 185! It's also nice not having to worry about cooking or prepping my food every weekend."

-Bucky Flores, Beltway CrossFit



"Eatology provides me with a healthy and delicious meal at the end of the day. It also helps that I no longer have to think about what I will be making for dinner. I just grab one, heat it, enjoy, and that's that. Dinner is no longer a focus and I can move on to whatever else needs my attention. Plus, I don't snack. These meals keep me satisfied and satiated until breakfast the next day."

-Monet Martorana

"My story begins with a picture my 5-year old son brought home from art class. He had painted a picture of me with two bulging bellies. Shortly after, the doc put me on cholesterol meds to help with the 42 lbs I had gained.

That was it. The weight was going to come off!

A friend recommended me to Eatology and I glad I found Eatology! 

I started Thursday, Dec. 3, 2015 at 252 lbs. My day consisted of 3 Eatology meals a day and water only (I did have a coffee and an ice tea on Day 2). After 5 days of eating Eatology, I weighed 239 lbs without shoes. I could not be more pleased with 13 lbs of fat lost in 5-days. I haven't even started working out and can't wait to see what that will do!"

I knew once I started eatology it was going to be a challenge for myself . I wasn't eating like I was suppose to when it came to eating 5-6 meals a day. I was only eating 2-3 a day . But once I started it wasn't that hard at all because the food was great and portioned with snacks in between I always had a full feeling. I've only been doing for three weeks and have lost 13 lbs so far. The weight loss has been good but the one thing I am excited about the most is my blood sugar levels they have been steady and more lower than before starting this program. I now have to take less insulin a day and I'm hoping to stop all together. I have more energy now and I'm also sleeping at night. I hoping for more great results to come.

Pinkie Lopez @iamPinkieLopez

Ryan Mills: Your average Joe

Ryan Mills

Before I started ordering from Eatology I was physically active but still overweight. At 6'3 I was hovering around 220 lbs and thought that was just the weight my body wanted to be at. I'm 28 and just thought that I wouldn't trim down, that was just part of getting older right? I was running half marathons, competing in mud run/obstacle events, regularly worked out and had cultivated a mindset that I was healthy..

My body fat was around 22% and I was wearing a size 38 pants. My diet was solely to blame. i knew I should be eating better but didn't make it a priority to cook at home that often. It was easy to get out of the office for lunch with coworkers or just grab something to go on my way home. Let's just face it, humans like to do things that are convenient. With Eatology not only is it convenient but it is great for you.

After the first week of starting Eatology I could tell a major difference in how my body felt. The best way to describe it is that I felt like my body was running cleaner and free of all the junk that I didn't even know  was slowing me down. It becomes addictive because you see and feel the results every week. The food tastes great and it has introduced me to many excellent meals I would never have known about. I am now down to 181 lbs and am at 10% body fat. My workouts are more productive, and I finally see how much I was holding myself back by not eating correctly. This is something that will work, all you have to do is stick with it. If I ever slipped and decided I wanted to eat some junk food I was craving, I would feel so gross after eating it that I would no longer have the cravings. The bottom line is, all the work is done for you, all you have to do is enjoy a tasty meal and start to look and feel amazing. Think you are already in shape and healthy? Try a week of Eatology and watch your performance increase. 

-Ryan Mills, Your average Joe

Libby DiBiase: Crossfit Athlete 

Libby DiBiase

"I have been eating Eatology consistently for 8 months now. Not only does the 
food taste great but the menu also changes consistently. You also do not have to 
worry about weighing or measuring out your food. It has really helped me with 
gains and PR's at the gym. It is definitely worth trying to see how much of an 
impact it can have on your body!"

- Libby DiBiase, Eatology Paleo-Zone Sponsored Athlete 

Repeatable Results 

Repeatable Results 

So I will start by saying that Eatology meals have helped our lunch and fast paced life become much easier . One of the main causes of these dysfunction's for our children's brains is what we are all putting in our bodies. Eatology makes it possible to always have a meal that is not just healthy but well within the restrictions of a wheat free non processed diet. This way of eating as a lifestyle has been suggested by many experts in the field of psychiatric and nutritional health and research for many kinds of health problems.

I am excited to add Eatology Paleo-Zone to my list of resources!

- Tammy F. , Loving Mother of Autistic Child

The whole thing was a learning experience for
me - I realized that conventional doctors know literally nothing about our digestive tract and how food affects our digestion, and I began to pay attention even more to how what I eat affects how I feel and function.  I was cooking a lot over the holidays, and then I was out of town a lot, but I still maintained a pretty strict Paleo diet during the week since my lower intestinal infection, I notice that my stomach is extremely sensitive to sugar, but I don't think it's so bad that I've trying to lay off of the sweets (except for dark chocolate - I will NEVER give that up!). I'll be staying in Alabama for work for a few months and I just love that they can be delivered to me anywhere in the nation! I recommend your meals to everyone out here!

- Catherine D. , The Busy Professional

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