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This is the place to come if you are looking to learn more about Paleo and Zone.

Here, you will find many helpful tools that will be useful while learning this lifestyle.

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What Is Eatology

Find out what Eatology is all about!

Get the scoop on the menu, meals, shipping and delivery, results and testimonials...and what Eatology can do for you!



How To Block Paleo Foods

 Watch and learn as the Eatology crew teaches Zone! 

 They will give you visual examples of what 1 Block of Protein/Carb/Fat look like...making it much easier to apply the Zone!



Nutrition Seminar 101: What Is Zone

Get the "big picture" when it comes to Zoning! 

This video covers paleo/non-paleo foods, zone portions, blockcharts, building meals, and tips for success.



How to eat a food w/ a nutrition label: Part 1

The Label Method will help you add variety to your meals and is the first step toward cooking.

This video works through 4 examples of Zoning using a nutrition label.

How To Zone Labels (Workbook)

How-to #1

How-to #2


How to eat a food w/ a nutrition label: Part 2

This video works through an example of Zoning using a nutrition label.